20 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Animals

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It can be difficult to shop for kids these days when it seems like they have everything! We compiled a list of pet and animal themed gift ideas for the preschool and elementary aged children on your shopping list. This is list is in no particular order.

1. Pete the Cat books Pete the Cat Books

What kid doesn’t like Pete the Cat? These stories are a favorite of preschool and elementary age kids. Pete goes on a different adventure in every story. This is the bedtime stories book but really any Pete book would be a great gift for a kid who loves cats! Pete the Cat: 5-Minute Bedtime Stories

2. Cat Stax game Pete the Cat Books

Cat Stax is a great activity for kids who love pets or puzzles! Cat Stax is the perfect on the go puzzle game that can travel anywhere easily with its convenient size and compact packaging.

3. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game Pete the Cat Books

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is a fun game to play with preschoolers and young elementary children. Each player uses the squirrel tool to get one of each color acorn, the first person to get all of the colors wins. It’s great for fine motor, counting and colors and any kid who loves critters will love this game.

4. Dog Man Attack of the Fleas game Pete the Cat Books

Dog Man is a popular doggy hero with the elementary age crowd. This game is great for any kid who loves to read Dog Man books. Add a few Dog Man books for an extra surprise. Dog Man Attack of the Fleas Game

5. Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed game Pete the Cat Books

Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is a great game for preschoolers and younger elementary kids who love animals and craziness! Laughter is sure to ensue as everyone’s naughty monkeys won’t stay on the bed!

6. Cat-a-Pult Pete the Cat Books

The Cat-a-Pult is a toy for kids and cats alike! Kids will delight in flinging these adorable felines.  Cats may just like to get in on the action and chase these projectiles as they fly through the air.

7. 299 Dogs and a Cat puzzle Pete the Cat Books

This jigsaw puzzle is for older kids or tweens who love puzzles and pets! It’s sure to get the whole family involved, there’s also a version with 299 cats and a dog!

8. Make Your Own Doggy Day Camp Pete the Cat Books

Doggy Day Camp is a kit to help a child teach their dog new tricks. Recommended for kids 8+, both pup and kid will enjoy this kit for some great quality time.

9. Doggy Doo Game Pete the Cat Books

It may be crass and uncouth but there is one thing that kids universally love and that is anything having to do with poop. This game is sure to produce hysterical laughter as each player attempts to be the lucky poop-scooper. Shop Doogy Doo Game on Amazon

10. My Pom-Pom Pet Shop Pete the Cat Books

This Pom Pom Pet Shop is the perfect gift for kids who love crafts and animals. They can create their own adorable Pom Pom pets and carry their pets around in the carrier.

11. Vet Starter Kit Pete the Cat Books

This vet starter kit is the perfect gift for any child who loves their stuffed animals or other animal toys. There are other fun activities to learn about being a vet in this kit, such as cat and dog body language and tools that are great for imaginative play

12. Live Butterfly Garden Pete the Cat Books

This kit is great for a spring project once the weather is warm enough for Monarch butterflies. The kit comes with a butterfly garden and you send away for the caterpillars when the weather is right. Children (and parents!) will love to see the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. They can then be released into the wild. Live Butterfly Garden

13. Created By Me Horse Figurines Craft Kit Pete the Cat Books

If you have a horse lover who also loves to paint, this is a great gift for them! This kit comes with two ready to paint resin horse figurines that can then be used for imaginative play. Shop Created by Me! Horse Figurines Craft Kit

14. Make Your Own Dog Treats Kit Pete the Cat Books

This make your own dog treats kit is sure to please both child and dog! Any child will have fun decorating and baking these adorable treats and their pup will love to be the taste tester

15. Little Live Pets Hamster Pete the Cat Books

This Little Live Pets Hamster is absolutely adorable. It makes little squeak sounds and can run in its wheel and habitat. There are other colors available on other sites. This little Hamster is sure to be a winner. There are accessories including a track attachment for some extra hamster fun

16. Little Live Pets Bird Pete the Cat Books

The Little Live Pets Pet Bird is the most adorable toy! The button on the front allows the parakeet to repeat after you in its own little bird voice. What family doesn’t need a repeating parakeet or two

17. Cat Science Unleashed book Pete the Cat Books

A kid with a cat will love to learn more about their favorite pet and also have some activities to do with their furry friend! This book has experiments and lots of things to learn. There is also a version for dogs for canine lovers!

18. Puppy Surprise Pete the Cat Books

How many puppies will be in your puppy surprise? These mama dogs come with 3-5 puppies inside and are great gifts for little kids who love mama and baby animals. Kids will love to see how many puppies are in their surprise. There are variations with cats and other animals

19. Plush Toy Dog Grooming Kit Pete the Cat Books

Kids are sure to love grooming and carrying this plush puppy or their favorite stuffy around in the animal carrier. Plush Toy Dog Grooming Kit

20. Calico Critters Tuxedo Cat Family Pete the Cat Books

Calico Critters are the perfect animal themed toys to build on. These critters are great for imaginative play for children who aren’t into dolls. There are also expansion kits for houses and many different varieties of critters

We hope you enjoyed this list of fun animal themed gifts!

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