8 Signs Your Cat is a “Nasty Cat”

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Is your cat a “Nasty Cat” or just a tad cranky? How do you know if you have a true Nasty Cat?

1. Your cat only likes you

Nasty Cat only tolerates his preferred human and maybe one other housemate. Those select people may pet “Nasty Cat” including rubbing their faces on him or her with no punishment other than the side-eye for dirtying their fur. A Nasty Cat lovingly shows their affection to those who he has taken for his own, including cleaning, cuddling and gracing them with his hind quarters. Anyone else - watch out!

2. Your cat hunts other household members when you are not around 

You know your cat is a “Nasty Cat” when other family members are afraid of them. For example, our “Nasty Cat” hunts our youngest family member when everyone else is asleep or out of the room. Nasty Cat will slowly walk toward our little as if he is a mouse or a tasty snack. Or, Nasty Cat will stand threateningly outside of the bathroom door so little cannot get out without walking by. Then, Nasty Cat stares menacingly making the little wonder if he is about to be attacked. Alas, Nasty Cat enjoys threatening but usually doesn’t act on his nasty impulses. The little packs a squirt gun for personal protection, just in case.

3. Your cat is not shy when guests are over 

The difference between a Nasty Cat and an unfriendly cat is that Nasty Cat comes out when company is over. He likes to strut his stuff: a cat lives here! And also WATCH IT, PAL. Don’t mess with my turf. Or sit on my chair, which is all of the chairs. Or pet me. See #4. We were once lucky enough to have two Nasty Cats at the same time, one of which would jump on top of the refrigerator and whack every guest that walked by – with claws out!!!

4. Your cat lures others by acting like they want to be pet 

Nasty Cat likes to look adorable and friendly. He comes around when company is over, rubbing on furniture, looking lovingly up at guests as if to say “Don’t I look fluffy and soft?” He may even lay on the floor and show his belly like the Venus fly trap that he is. You warn your guests “Don’t pet the cat, no matter how much he acts like he wants you to.” Unfortunately, they don’t believe you and go in for the pet and…WHACK SCRATCH. Every. Single. Time.

5. Your cat uses claws when “playing” with you 

You know you have a Nasty Cat when even you get clawed. Your cat does not know how to NOT use their claws. Maybe they weren’t taught manners by their mama cat, maybe they didn’t know their mama cat or maybe, just maybe, your cat enjoys using those claws on things other than your furniture and their scratching post.

6. Your cat shows open disdain for other household pets 

Nasty Cat does not enjoy other household pets. They want to be king of the mountain or the only ballerina. If there is another household pet, Nasty Cat will show his disgust by turning his back when said pet is being given attention. Or, Nasty Cat will meow in response to all communication toward the other pet as if to say “I’m here, look at me! Don’t talk to that dumb hamster. She doesn’t even know how to meow. Also, she looks delicious.” Nasty Cat might disappear your kids’ “tadpole to frog” kit inhabitants while nobody is looking, rendering an empty tank and no evidence. Or, Nasty Cat might threaten other pets just like they do with your hunted household members, menacingly staring and implying imminent attack.

7. You have to rescue people from your cat 

Remember #3 about Nasty Cat not being shy when guests are over? They are also not shy when there is someone working in your house. For example, once, a couple of electricians were fixing our electrical box when our Nasty Cats (who hated each other) teamed up and cornered the electricians - two adult men! Armed with a broom, they called for help. Of course, the preferred human (see #1), lovingly removed the hissing beasts and saved the day. 

8. Everyone talks about how they don’t like your cat

The number one sign you have a Nasty Cat is by the conversation about your cat. You mention your cat and the comments are as follows: “I hate that cat.” Or “That cat’s an ##$*&#$.” That’s the final tell-tale sign that your cat is a Nasty Cat.

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