Nasty Cat Card Game

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Nasty Cat is a lively cat-themed twist on four classic games! Players of all ages will love the bright, stylized illustrations of 25 cat personalities called “Catitudes”. Large cards with easy-to-read text makes Nasty Cat a winner for game night!

4 games in 1!

  • “Nasty Cat” replaces the Old Maid as players try not to be left with “that” cat in their hand and features a “Cat Party” action card to mix things up!
  • “Go Hiss!” players ask opponents for specific Catitudes to create pairs in a hiss-terical twist on Go Fish
  • “Slap Cat” is our fastest moving game where players try to slap a Nasty Cat card first in their quest to collect all the cards!
  • “Mewmory” challenges players memory skills as they try to create the most Catitude pairs to win!

What's Your Catitude?

Take the Kookipets “What’s Your Catitude” quiz and find out which feisty feline personality you are!

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November 4, 2022
Amazon Customer
Rated 5/5

Great deck of cards to have around

My kids love to play cards and this deck gives us some fun, new choices for games! Great gift, too!

August 26, 2022
Rated 5/5

Just plain fun

Just got my Nasty Cat game yesterday and it is so easy and fun to play no matter how old you are. Even our little kitty loved it.

August 22, 2022
Rated 5/5

So fun!!

Love these card games! The pictures of the different cats are so funny and the games are simple to figure out. Slap Cat is my favorite for sure!!

September 9, 2022
steve goldberg
Rated 5/5

Family Fun!

I got these for my grandkids, 9 and 6 yrs. old. They love the games, the graphics and finding out what kind of "cat" they are.

The cards are high quality. Lots of laughs when we play.

August 22, 2022
mary simmons
Rated 5/5

4 games in one!

Played this with my grandchildren. So much fun! The kids had a great time taking the quiz that told them what kind of cat they were. Love that there are 4 games in one deck. Illustrations are visually appealing and the names of the cats are so cute.

Don’t need the full deck for the Nasty Cat game which makes it easier for little hands. Fun for all ages!